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Teamwork | A Core Value

Winning teams know that the individual member must consider the good of the group over himself. Like a family or a successful sports franchise, all winning teams must embrace this ideal. So, as an individual, why would one want to work as a team? How can this approach actually be better for the individual? We believe there are three advantages to teamwork.

Differing Perspectives

There are differing leadership styles. Some leaders like to surround themselves with “yes men”. Still others prefer chaos and arguing in the boardroom. We believe the most successful teams operate somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. We encourage dissent from team members who are allied by a common purpose and common core values. We believe that respectful dissent is critical to the long term success of any team.

Load Sharing

To function at the highest level an individual needs a time of rest. By working in a team model, we believe that individuals can take the time needed to rest, vacation, and re-energize. Having a capable team member (or two) is critical to share the workload during these times of rest; or as I’ve heard it said, “many hands make light work”.


The energy you can get from a team simply cannot be replicated by an individual. Let’s face it, there are days you are not feeling your best. There are days you and I lack enthusiasm. By encouraging and supporting each other, team members can bring out the best in each other.


Transitioning from an individual practice to a team based model may take some time and patience. However, we believe the clear advantages of teamwork outweigh the extra work involved in making the change.


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