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Allen Minassian

LIFE is too short.  Balance your life with the things you need to do along with the things you LOVE to do.  Live your life to the fullest every day.


Philosophy of Investing

1. I manage the lives of families I truly enjoy working with.

2. Investment decisions should be made rationally, not emotionally.

3. Do not allow short-term fluctuations to derail your long-term goals.

4. Everyone has an opinion.  Rely on professional advice.

Why I Do What I Do

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a dentist. During that time frame, I heard my Dad talking about a guy he referred to as his “stockbroker.” My father’s interest began to grow in the stock market. Unfortunately, that didn’t end well with my family. The stockbroker my father was working with invested a large percentage of our money in one company. That company went bankrupt and our lives changed overnight. The lifestyle we were accustomed to was no longer there and available to us. That became my fuel.


It was the reason I went to California State University, Northridge and got a business degree. I developed an interest in stocks and how they function and work. Through that opportunity, I was able to start a career as a financial planner. I wanted to make sure that my clients and anyone I came in contact with would not have to go through what I went through and what I experienced.


The last 27 years have taught me to be very patient with the markets and with my clients. I’ve committed to take that negative experience and turn it into something positive by helping the clients I am able to help. This experience has shaped who I am today and who I will be for my clients moving forward.


Allen and his family are very passionate about helping the homeless.  They volunteer their time feeding, clothing, and supporting the homeless through their local Temple's Winter Shelter program. 

Allen is also passionate about finding homes for animals through local shelters. He has helped many animals find good homes, including his own dog, Reign. 


Allen married Stacy in June of 1995.  


They have two wonderful girls.

Hayley is 21 and a Senior at Indiana University.

Lindsey is 20 and a Junior at Chapman University.  


Allen loves anything and everything to do with sports.  He loves attending local basketball and hockey games along with the tradition of visiting a different professional football stadium every year, 11 and counting.  


He also enjoys playing sports with his girls.  He is getting used to the fact that they are better than him.

PWS Environmental Reflection.JPG

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