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Team Reading

The Fourth Turning

by William Strauss and

Neil Howe

Doug recommended this book as a reference for understanding cultural cycles throughout history. The authors aggregate data from cultural shifts over the last several centuries in order make sense of current events and envision what might unfold in the coming years.

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I Always Want to be Where I'm Not

by Wes Crenshaw, Phd ABPP

Allen was asked to read this book in order to mentor a client and a friend through his struggles with ADHD and quickly found that its practical nature and style was beneficial not just for people who struggle with details, follow-through, or converting ideas into results. We found this book to be more of a handy manual instead of a magical cure. 


The Dip

by Seth Godin

Doug recommended this book as a quick read of a trend most businesses and individuals experience. When faced with adversity should you quit? or stick with it? The Dip provides advice and constructive ways to discern the best course of action to succeed. 

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The Millionaire Next Door

by Stanley/Danko

An office favorite, this 20 year study of how people become wealthy is a must read With chapter studies on jobs, spending habits, and gifting, the book offers insight and advice for current and prospective millionaires. "The implication of The Millionaire Next Door...is that nearly anybody with a steady job can amass a tidy fortune." Forbes. 

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Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

by Charles MacKay

Doug recommended this 19th century work from Scottish author Charles MacKay, an early study of crowd psychology and economic bubbles that proves to be an insightful and relevant read in the twenty-first century.


Do the Work

by Steven Pressfield

The relatively short read analyzes the common reason most individuals procrastinate and offers real solutions to complete tasks. A compilation of quotes provides both encouragement and inspiration. 

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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

by Patrick Lencioni

This book was used by a friend to help his work team address struggles that many teams face. Written as a fable with real world solutions, this book provides practical, real world ways to create a healthy work environment and grow productive and supportive teams. We found it both helpful and entertaining.  

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The Enneagram

by Helen Palmer

A practical guide to self-understanding and an analysis of why we do what we do. Our team studied this book to better understand ourselves and each other. Read this book and discuss it with others to maximize the impact of the material.

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