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Doug Lagerstrom

Doug believes that life is best lived with a balance of family, work, play and charity.  He tries to live his life, and encourage others to live theirs, in balance.


Philosophy of Investing:


  1. Losses hurt you more than the gains help.

  2. The time to buy an investment is generally when you really don't want to.

  3. Small investors typically fail because they buy and sell emotionally.

  4. Diversification can keep investors from buying high and selling low.

  5. Investing money is an art, not a science.

  6. Investing money is like baking a cake.  You need all the ingredients to make it work.  You may not like baking soda, but your cake won't taste right without it.

Why I Do What I Do

Education has always been a core value for my family, so when I was born, my parents started a savings account for me.  They wanted to fund my college education, and though they weren’t wealthy, they set aside $3,000 to pay for my college education.  Being novice investors, they opened a savings account at our local bank.  When I went to college 18 years later, that savings had growth to $3,700, which paid for my room and board freshman year.  Later, I learned that had that savings been invested in a stock mutual fund, the balance would have been closer to $20,000!  Because I didn’t have the extra $16,000, I worked the last three years of my college years, often as many as 32 hours a week.  Although I was able to graduate from UCSB in 4 years the extra money sure would have helped! 

I’m an investment adviser to help people better use their savings to meet their current and future financial needs.  I know my parents would have been grateful to have a professional guide them to better investing my college savings.  They were my first clients when I received my investment license in November 1991, and now I invest their retirement savings.


Youth: Doug currently volunteers as a high school mentor to help the youth at Bel Air Presbyterian Church. Doug served as President and Treasurer of the board of directors for Lama for over ten years.

Homeless: Doug and his family have been involved with the Union Rescue Mission in providing food and shelter for the homeless of Los Angeles.

Children:  The Lagerstroms currently support five children through Compassion International and World Vision providing kids in Haiti, India and Pakistan with food, shelter and education.


Doug married Bonnie in April of 1994. They have three children.  Tiffany is 24 years old and works as a Behavioral Therapist.  She loves reading and practicing calligraphy.  Brennan is 22 and a Senior at  Santa Clara University.  He recently graduated and loves sports.  Juliette is 18 years old and attends Gonzaga University.  She is the resident artist and entrepreneur of the family.  Doug and Bonnie live in Tarzana and have since 1994.


Golf:  Doug has played his favorite golf course (Pebble Beach) three times with his family.  In 2013 he traveled to Augusta to watch the Masters tournament.  He is a member at WHCC.  He is a supporting sponsor of the Genesis Open through the Legends club.


Exercise:  Doug and his son Brennan have completed both the P90X and Insanity workouts.  They even lived to tell about it!  Barely!

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PWS Environmental Reflection.JPG

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