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Morningstar® OfficeSM 

Morningstar thrives to maintain the highest standards for the protection of our customer’s data.  Our security and business continuity policies are aligned with industry best practices and are regularly reviewed and supported by Information Security team. The policies are designed to address confidentiality, integrity and availability of Morningstar systems. 

Business Continuity:

Morningstar’s continuity plans and policies are defined to ensure the highest service-level for our clients.

Continuity policy objectives include:

 • Continuity planning policies are up-to date

• Conducting business impact assessment

• Identifying preventive controls


Testing recovery strategies: 

Continuity tests and Security audits are performed annually to ensure minimal business impact to Morningstar and our customers. 

  • Resources are sufficiently controlled to prevent unauthorized access to systems, applications, offline storage, backup data and media.

  • User authentication information and customer data transmitted over the internet or other public networks are protected by encryption and other equivalent security techniques.

  • Customer data within the application is appropriately classified and secured in storage. 

  • Morningstar conducts routine vulnerability assessments on internal information systems to protect against potential system risks.

  • Any change made to the Office environment follows a defined change management procedure, requiring testing and sign off to ensure application integrity.

  • An incident management and response team is in place to respond to security incidents and ensure incidents are classified, documented, communicated, and resolved according to the incident management program.

  • Principle of least privilege is used to assign access rights to production servers.

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