Eric believes that our life's legacy is simply the culmination of an effort to be present and invested in the small moments of life, one day at a time. A commitment to incremental progress in the same direction produces exponential results.

Philosophy of Investing

1. GOALS are the true north of our investment compass.

2. "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" is profoundly good advice. Diversification is essential.

3. Portfolio allocation is largely determined by the unique temperament of each client.

4. The role of an adviser is to build relationships, establish trust, and provide solutions.

5. The market is unpredictable, but our financial strategy should not be.


YOUTH: Eric has worked with youth and young adults for many years. He has served through mentoring in under-served communities, coaching basketball, working at summer camps, public speaking, and sitting on several non-profit boards. He is currently serving on the committee and actively involved with Young Life UCLA.

POVERTY: Eric and his wife, Amber, have traveled to several countries including Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, and Kenya serving on construction projects, financial literacy courses, and providing sanitary environments for some of the poorest communities in the world.


Eric married Amber in May of 2010. They have two little girls. Skylar, age 3, was born in Tennessee which is where Eric and Amber grew up. Skylar loves dancing and singing. Rayla, age 1, was born on the west coast and is mastering the art of walking and talking. As a family, they love walking trails, bike riding, playing at the beach, and cuddling while watching their favorite Disney movies.


FISHING: Growing up, Eric spent his summers on the family houseboat water skiing, swimming, and fishing. He loves bass fishing, fly fishing, and even the occasional night fishing for catfish.

MUSIC: Music entered Eric's life through his father and mother at a very early age. His love of music has just grown from there. He has played for audiences of 5 to 5000 and even worked at a record label for a short time.

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