A group picture of the four staff members of the firm.

Our Core Values


Character | We are unwavering in our commitment to the highest ethical and moral standards. We are people of integrity; others can take us at our word. We approach problems with humility and confidence determined to carry each issue to completion.


Professionalism | We are responsive, reliable, respectful, and thorough with co-workers, clients, and partners. We recognize that our language, appearance, and attitude are all vital in assuring others that we are trustworthy and competent.


Balance | We live balanced lives. Work, hobbies, family, faith, and exercise are all essential ingredients to a happy and energized life. Imbalance often leads to unnecessary mistakes.


Teamwork | We believe this work is best done in the context of a team. We rely on one another’s strengths and are honest about our individual weaknesses and mistakes. We communicate clearly and consistently. We ask good questions and listen intently to the response.  We don’t avoid conflict, but instead see it as a necessary means for trust building and growth.

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