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Our Mission | More Than a Signature

You may have noticed that the signature in our Private Wealth Solutions emails has changed. It now includes our mission statement. This was done deliberately. Steven Covey wrote that your personal mission statement “becomes the criterion by which you measure everything else in your life.” As a firm, we believe this holds true with work, as well. Adding our mission statement to our email signatures is more important for us than it is for those receiving our communication. It is a target or guide that orients everything we do…

We meet the complete financial needs of our clients by providing unbiased investment, retirement, insurance, estate, and tax planning advice.

Those first six words convict and undergird the rest of the mission statement; “we meet the complete financial needs…” These first six words are a reminder that in every interaction with you and our business partners who support the work we do for you, our aim is to meet your complete financial needs. One question then looms in the background, “What ARE your complete financial needs?” It certainly would be more efficient to build a little survey that goes out on an annual basis and provides us with some charts and graphs on how your needs have changed. However, we believe the word “complete” encompasses nuances that are only grasped by having consistent and meaningful conversations with you. In short, the better we know you, the more effectively we can accomplish our mission.

As questions or concerns arise in any area of your life that could somehow be construed as financially oriented, give us a call. We find that our skills are continually sharpened as we help you overcome both complex and mundane financial obstacles. We will continue to do our part to pursue you on a consistent basis, but let this article serve as a gentle reminder that we have an open-door policy. Taking time out of our day to talk with you about anything going on in your life is considered time spent squarely in the heart of our mission.

- Eric Puckett


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