What We Do

Here are our most common services.

What We Do

Here are our most common services.

Investment Management

We offer a full compliment of investment services (Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, REIT's) through Kovack Securities, our broker/dealer.
We focus on risk management by using modern portfolio theory and asset allocation.  An increasing focus of our investment selection has centered on alternative investments.  
Managed futures, Real Estate, commodities and absolute return strategies are some examples of these non-traditional investments.

Estate Settlement

Perhaps no financial transaction better illustrates the need for a coordination of legal, financial, insurance, tax and investment advice than estate settlement.
When a loved one dies, many beneficiaries simply contact the attorney who drafted their estate documents. This attorney charges hourly legal fees for what is mostly an administrative function.
We believe we can do a better job, while charging less. We coordinate your estate settlement procedure by hiring the attorney and tax professional on an hourly basis. Then we quarterback the process to ensure timely reporting and disbursement of assets to the beneficiaries. 

Advisory Services

Clients who are more interested in paying a monthly (or hourly) fee for their investment advice are able to choose our advisory services. 
Unlike a traditional commissioned based model, our advisory services allow our clients to pay for advice on assets we don't currently manage.  
The fee for this service varies greatly depending on the size of the portfolio and the needs of the individual client.  Our advisory consultants will review your specific fee structure in person.

Registered with and securities are offered through Kovack Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.

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Advisory services offered through Private Wealth Solutions, LLC., a SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Private Wealth Solutions, LLC is not affiliated with Kovack Securities, Inc. or Kovack Advisors, Inc. Doug Lagerstrom is registered in AZ,CA,CO,FL,HI,ID,KS,MT,NV,NY,OR,TN,VA, and WA. Allen Minassian is registered in AZ,CA,FL,NM,NV,TN,TX and WI.

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