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Political Picture | Fall 2014

You might be wondering why a financial newsletter would have a political picture section. Although we do not offer any judgments of political policies (it’s just out of the area of our expertise), we do analyze the effect these policies may have on the economy and the financial markets.

It is simply naïve to think that policies passed in Washington have no effect on the pricing of financial assets in New York. We believe it is within our role as your financial advisor, therefore, to monitor the political environment and determine the effect that new regulations, tax policy, and laws will have on the economy and subsequently the financial markets.

Although there is generally a lag between a new policy and its effect on the economy, the financial markets often anticipate the expected effect policies will have on the economy and respond immediately. We don’t believe it is prudent to guess the direction the political winds will blow and base investment advice on that opinion.

However, at Private Wealth Solutions, we do believe that financial recommendations should take into account all relevant information, including the political environment. In future articles in this section, do not look for judgments on the wisdom, or lack thereof, of current fiscal policy.

Instead you should anticipate an analysis on the likely effect of current or potential future laws, taxes and policies on the economy and the financial markets


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