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Friends and Family | A Lasting Store of Value

Lakely Taylor Puckett was born on August 25th, 2021. She is our third little girl. Skylar is now four and a half years old and Rayla is two and a half. They are obsessed with their new baby sister. Amber, my wife, is recovering well after an emergency c-section. I am so grateful to serve and be a part of this beautiful little family. On top of this, I work for a team that prioritizes the value of work-life balance and have been given ample time to be a supportive spouse and father. This is a value, I have come to learn, that many of you also share. Please allow me to elaborate.

A few weeks ago, our mothers descended on our home to help watch the girls while we got Lakely settled in. One evening while my mom and I were talking, she asked me what it was like to work with affluent clients, as opposed to the “regular folks” I worked with in the non-profit world. I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant, but after some prodding, she finally caved and asked, “I mean what is it like to work with snooty people?” I laughed in response, as I am sure you just did as well. It was eye opening for her to hear that our clients, while affluent, have worked diligently to be responsible with what they have and could not be farther from snooty. But even more important than that, and much to her surprise, I told her that the first question almost all our clients ask is not “How’s my money?” but instead, “How are you? How is your family?” While our clients come from diverse backgrounds and work experiences, there is a common thread among them all: a high-value on family and friends, including the four-legged ones.

It has absolutely enriched my life to meet you and learn that of all the experiences and successes you have had, it is the people and pets in your life that outweigh everything. Our work here at Private Wealth Solutions is aligned with that idea. We say quite often, “Our job is not to get you rich, but to help you live a life you enjoy while taking minimal risk.” I think it could be said this way, “Our goal is not to make you rich, but to ensure that your life stays enriched.”

Eric Puckett


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